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Welcome to Kajo!

The Guides and Scouts of Finland invite you to join us at KAJO, the next Finnjamboree in the summer of 2022. 

When? Kajo will be held on July 15-23, 2022. 

For whom? We welcome all guides and scouts from the age 12 upwards and hope to have approximately 2000 international guides and scouts join in the fun! Altogether we expect 15 000 campers. 

Where? Kajo will be held on the Evo campsite, near to Hämeenlinna and 125 km from Helsinki. 

How much? The price of participation has not been defined yet, but it will be under 400 € including meals, all camp activities and transportations from and to pre-defined entry points before and after the camp.

There are many decisions that still have to be made, and we will keep updating this website as soon as new information is available. Meanwhile please fill out this form, if you are interested in always receiving the freshest Kajo news! 

Photo Anna Enbuske


What does Kajo mean? 
Kajo is a Finnish word that means the faint light or glimmer that you can see in the horizon at dusk or dawn.  

Why does Kajo start already on July 15 and not later in the summer? 
We wanted the camp to end on a Saturday to best enable the taking down of the camp afterwards. We also took into consideration the dates of the Danish jamboree and the probable dates of the next Moot.